Final Chapter: The introduction of the team

Finally we got our bikes back from the Gati Transports. We had expected at least Gati people would take care of the bike and transport it safely. But all our expectations went for a toss. When I received mine and Prabhu's bike I noticed the packaging on my bike had torn off and the rear fairing had a big scratch.
Worse was Sunil sir's bike, it had a dent in the tank at least the size of an adult's fist. We complained to the guys who delivered the bikes to our houses but they said we would have to give a complaint to the higher authorities.
Again like the Aakash Packers and Movers these guys wouldn't have done anything. We did raise the complaint but nothing was done.
Anyways a lesson learnt from this trip.

Anyways moving on and finally the introduction of the team:
All photos from Sunil Sir's cam.

Prabhu - Comet GT250 Black

Rigzin - Scorpio: Our hyperactive driver. Always ready to help. Thanks Rigzin for your fantastic company

Yours Truly: Sumit

Sunil Sir - Comet GT250 Black

Chetan - Pulsar 200 Black

Mohan - Accompanied us in the Scorpio.

Riders with their steeds (At marsmikla):
Rigzin and the Scorpio

Sunil Sir
Chetan (left his bike and sat next to the milestone)
I reached Marsmikla so late that all the photoshoot with the marsmikla milestone was over and hence no photo of mine here :).
But yeah we did take the whole team's photograph:

At last I just want to thank each and everyone in the team for such an enjoyable eventful trip or rather journey through the most beautiful place on earth. It had been my dream to ride through the Mighty Himalayas and you just made it possible for me.
Thanks everyone to for giving me these moment that I'll cherish my whole life.

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