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Why go?

Now that it is finalized that I am going to ride in the mountains one more time coming days. So preparations have started for it. Recently I bought myself a new set of saddle bags, with a weird brand name "getoff ur ass" :D, for my bike. Here is their website: The bags look good, the material, the finish, and ease to carry them when they aren't on the bike. I liked it very much. It hasn't been tested yet on the bike but I guess no time left for it and the bags will straight away be tested on the trip. I was just figuring out how to pack all my stuff into the bags and I bumped into an envelope that was there inside the bag and there was a long text printed on it. Actually I was looking for some specifications doc so that I can read it before using it. I started reading it. It was a poetry By James C Richmond about Touring on bikes. I was really moved by it. It is as if somebody is speaking my heart out. Hence thought of sharing it he