My Pictures grabbed from the web and posted somewhere else...

After a long time writing something on my blog and that too happens to be a sad incident.

There is a person who calls himself "Wing Commander Partha De Sarkar" who seems to own a touring agency by the name "Ladakh India Tourism, Global Hop Travels India and Global Hop Travels."

Since yesterday I had been getting posts about Mr Partha stealing photos from my friends blogs, website, social media profiles and posting it on his own Facebook page as his own:

I was following all the posts about him very carefully and also looking out if any of my photos has been stolen by him. And today morning I was shocked to find my photos as well on his "Cover Photos"album.
This is the photo I found:

This photo I myself had clicked on my trip to Himalayas in 2010. This was on the way to Leh from Kargil via…

Leh Ladakh On a Ducati Monster - A crazy dream realized

Disclaimer:This trip has no association with any organization whatsoever. It was a personal, a self funded trip which was solely planned by My wife and me.

I have created a FaceBook page as well for our trip. Please do leave your comments/thoughts there as well:

The enchanting, mystical Himalayas. The mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayas (Leh, Ladakh) is raw and pure. As beautiful as it is, the terrain, climatic and road conditions, to reach there, are equally challenging. The two ways to reach Leh, the Manali - Leh Highway and Srinagar - Leh Highway, both provide the ultimate adventure with altitudes rising above 17,000 ft with an average altitude of 11,000 ft above MSL.

If there is one place I like to tour again and again is the Himalayas. I had already toured Leh, Ladakh twice before, in 2008 with a team of four bikers and in 2010 which was a solo ride, on my other bike, the Hyosung Comet GT250 200…

A post travel experience I'll never forget...

World is really small, well it has become small, thanks to technology.

I would like to share a very emotional incident that happened this weekend. A small background first: This is regarding my Himalayan trip last year where I had visited Kargil and a village near by named Akchamal. I had taken several photos of the place and had shared those on
Two months back: On my flickr album I had got a comment on following photo of the village akchamal:
Actual photo:
I had got comment from a flickr member. Following is the conversation I had with him on flickr:
Comments and faves ****(2 months ago) IT is my village akchamal.. *****!(2 months ago |

Day 13, 14, 15 Chandigarh to Delhi and homecoming

16th July 2010
Day 13 Chandigarh - Delhi

I woke up late the next day as I was undecided whether to stay back or head to Delhi. Jai's mom had prepared nice parathas for us and she was insisting that I should stay with them. If I stay back I would be having virtually one day to pack my bike and board the flight for Bangalore on 18th and this might not be sufficient as I wasn't sure how to send the bike whether on train or through some courier service. Also 18th would be Sunday and wasn't sure if the train parcel services are open on sundays or not.
I decided I would stay with them till lunch and then I will leave so that I have 17th which is a Saturday and will be able to parcel the bike either way.
Finishing breakfast I asked Jai if I can get my bike washed before starting. He took me to a near by service station where I got the bike washed. Bike's chain was REALLY lose by now and the service guy said the links have to be removed since he can't tighten it anymore and he…

Day 12 Manali - Chandigarh

15th July 2010 Day 12 Manali - Chandigarh
Next morning we woke up, packed up our things and were ready to start our way back.  But before we started took some pictures of the bike all covered from yesterday's mud adventure :D

Jai and Nirman's bike's welding had broken and they wanted to get it fixed. I started before them and they would catch up with me after fixing it. After some confusion and miscommunication between us we got late and it was afternoon and we hadn't left Manali.

We were just riding by the river (don't know the name) and we saw a lot of camps for river rafting. Once we thought of going for it but it would need 8 people and also we couldn't have left our bikes and luggage with the camp guys and go for rafting. So we decided to continue further...
We saw river bank which was shallow and one could go into the water and may be have a bath :)
Both Jai and Nirman wanted to take a dip and so we parked our bikes in shade and went in. Well not me only tho…

Day 11 Rohtang Pass - Manali

14th July 2010
Day 11 Rohtang Pass - Manali: only 50kms covered and the whole day under the sun...

Last night wasn't a good night sleep at all. As I mentioned it was damp, soggy, very cold...I might have slept only for a couple of hours and it was more of wait till the morning. At 5:30/6 am as the sun came up I woke up, collected my things from tent and walked till place where the bikes were parked. The other guys Nirman, Jai had already woken up. As I mentioned I had hit off really well with Jai and Nirman. We three were gelling well and it was nice to be with a good company after being almost on my own from last 10 days.
Asked the shop guy to prepare some breakfast and tea. 
But first as the last day it was time to "freshen" up :D obviously it was to be done out in the open :D.

We had tea and some breakfast and decided to move to the landslide location because we wanted to be the first one to be crossing once the debris is cleared by the army guys and state authorities.
My b…