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Day 14, 15, 16 and final day in Delhi

Day 14, 15, 16 and final day in Delhi I have clubbed the remaining days in one post itself as the main thing for us at that time was to reach Chandigarh on time so that we have time to pack and parcel the bike before heading off to Delhi. So no major action. The only thing was it was kind of a non-stop run with no time for photos are anything. So here it goes: Next morning we woke up early, got freshened up and started climbing Tanglang la . This side of the pass was not good but still our bikes (mine and prabhu's comets) were better prepared with no air restriction in the filters and could easily climb up. After climbing marsmikla anything would seem easy. We then moved forward towards and Moore Plains and then descended for Pang . We had some food at the homestay where last time we had a tough time due to AMS. Moore Plains Photographer: Sunil Sir Before Pang We didn't stay there much and moved further towards Lachung la, Nakeela, 22curves(not sure what the name wa

Day 12 and 13 Hanle - Chumur - Leh

Hanle - Chumur - Road block (Read on for the details of road block) - Leh From the start of this trip the highlight of our trip was the visit to Hanle, Chumur and Chumur monastery which has pretty interesting stories behind it. We read about the monastery that it has a lama's body mummified and preserved. It seems that the hair of the mummified lama keeps growing and the monks come every year and cut its hair. There was one more story which Sunil Sir told us that long back in history there was a witch who killed several monks in the monastery which was eventually killed by this mummified lama when she was in meditation. The lama had cut her hands with a sword. And the hands and sword are still preserved and kept in the monastery. Here is a pretty interesting peice of info, On top of the world . It seems even the National Geographic guys were not allowed inside the monastery. Hats off Gaurav Jaani for the fabulous trip and the film he shot in Changthang valley. We were pretty ex