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Day 13, 14, 15 Chandigarh to Delhi and homecoming

16th July 2010 Day 13 Chandigarh - Delhi I woke up late the next day as I was undecided whether to stay back or head to Delhi. Jai's mom had prepared nice parathas for us and she was insisting that I should stay with them. If I stay back I would be having virtually one day to pack my bike and board the flight for Bangalore on 18th and this might not be sufficient as I wasn't sure how to send the bike whether on train or through some courier service. Also 18th would be Sunday and wasn't sure if the train parcel services are open on sundays or not. I decided I would stay with them till lunch and then I will leave so that I have 17th which is a Saturday and will be able to parcel the bike either way. Finishing breakfast I asked Jai if I can get my bike washed before starting. He took me to a near by service station where I got the bike washed. Bike's chain was REALLY lose by now and the service guy said the links have to be removed since he can't tighten it anymor