Day 13, 14, 15 Chandigarh to Delhi and homecoming

16th July 2010
Day 13 Chandigarh - Delhi

I woke up late the next day as I was undecided whether to stay back or head to Delhi. Jai's mom had prepared nice parathas for us and she was insisting that I should stay with them. If I stay back I would be having virtually one day to pack my bike and board the flight for Bangalore on 18th and this might not be sufficient as I wasn't sure how to send the bike whether on train or through some courier service. Also 18th would be Sunday and wasn't sure if the train parcel services are open on sundays or not.
I decided I would stay with them till lunch and then I will leave so that I have 17th which is a Saturday and will be able to parcel the bike either way.
Finishing breakfast I asked Jai if I can get my bike washed before starting. He took me to a near by service station where I got the bike washed. Bike's chain was REALLY lose by now and the service guy said the links have to be removed since he can't tighten it anymore and he didn't have the tools for it. I thought let me get to Delhi and then I can take care of it in Bangalore itself.

Came back, took bath and told Jai that I'll be leaving after lunch telling him the constraints I have for the bike. We all had lunch and shared my photos with Jai and Nirrman.

I said thanks and goodbye to Jai's family. Jai came with me on his bike to guide me till the route to Delhi. I filled petrol from the city, said goodbye to Jai too, it had been a pleasure being with those guys for the last two three days. It is true that hardships bring people together no matter from what origin they are. I met these guys two days back when we all were stuck due to the landslide and here I am leaving Chandigarh having two friends and sweet memories.

Feeling satisfied with the events, good or bad, happened on the trip I was thanking God I am able to complete my trip successfully. These last 250kms odd kms will take me closer to home and it will all be good. However that feeling was short-lived. As I was passing the Chandigarh-Ambala section there was too much of traffic at one point and I slowed down and was at the right side of a passing truck. With giving any signal the truck started coming towards the right and I had no where to go as I was right next to the divider, I braked hard and I was very sure that I would get out of the truck's way before it closes right in. But I don't know what happened I didn't get out of the way, the truck's right sharp edge hit bike's handle bar and threw me off-balance. Got hit from the left and went banged the right foot peg on the median in the right. Miraculously I didn't fall of the bike, my feet were off the foot pegs and the bike was careening violently first left to right and then right to left after hitting the median.
I somehow held on the bike, I didn't want to fall down right in the middle of the road with the heavy traffic coming from behind. It was really fortunate for me to somehow be on the bike and get to the side of the road away from the traffic.
I stopped and for a minute couldn't believe what just happened and a sigh of relief that I escaped from what could have been a near fatal accident. That highway probably kills more people than probably the Himalayan terrain...

I had pain in my right ankle and in my left hand, The pain was bearable I knew there is nothing major in either of the places. I checked my hand and I saw a little chunk of the flesh was chipped off from it, it was just a superficial injury. I wasn't wearing the riding gloves since it was very hot, goes to show how important the riding is. The main source of pain was my ankle which had caught in between when bike hit the divider. Good that I had worn the hard army shoes which saved my leg quite a bit except for the twist in the ankle. .

I checked the bike, left side the mirror had dislocated along with the lever and on the right side the rear brake lever had come off from the frame that holds the master cylinder and the brake switch. This meant the rear brake wouldn't work at all for now.

The torn left grip of the bike's handle. Looking at it I was lucky that I escaped with a minor injury
I tried recollecting of what just happened, whether it was my mistake or something else. One thing was it was my fault that I ended up on the right side of the traffic along with the heavier vehicles but the other part I couldn't understand how the truck hit the bike when I was safely decelerating to get out of truck's range. I vaguely remember there were couple of cars behind me and there's a bleak possibility that the car behind hit me from behind which is why I couldn't get off the truck's range. I don't know what happened and will never know...
I was shaken a bit and was in double minds whether I should parcel the bike from Ambala only or continue ahead to Delhi with no rear brakes. In my last trip to Leh we had actually shipped the bikes to Bangalore from Ambala only through Gati services. But there were quite serious damages to the bike while transporting so I decided against it. 
I stopped at a tea shop, gathered myself up checked myself and the bike and I continued ahead to Delhi slowly. I was thinking this just happened probably me being relaxed too much after the trip where I was cautious all the way and said to myself not to take any thing casually. As they say in Hindi "सावधानी हटी तो दुर्घटना घटी" (The moment you are not cautious accident will happen)

By 7:30pm I reached Delhi and I called up my friend Nitin to see if I can stay with him at his house for next two days or not. His house was going through some renovation and hence there was no possibility that I could stay there and so was I searching for a neat hotel where I can park my bike safely and spend the next two days. Nitin told me to look for it in Karol Bagh area. I was searching and the bike started giving troubles and now it showing sign of tiredness after the hardships that it has gone through. I finally found a hotel, parked the bike, checked in, and crashed for the day as it was already late. The hotel room charges were 1000/- per day with AC. It was very humid in Delhi or at least I was feeling it that way :D

17th July 2010
Day 14 Delhi - parceling the bike

Next day I woke up and first thought of checking with the train schedule for booking the bike but the direct train to Bangalore had already left for the day and it was only next day early morning (5:45AM) I could have booked the bike. This would have meant that I should pack the bike today only and leave the bike in the parcel office so that they can put the bike in the train. For doing all this I should be present in the morning otherwise there is a high chance that the parcel guys might not put on the train that day, once the bike is booked it is up to them when they put it on the train. It is always better to book the bike on the train in which you are also traveling so that you can keep an eye on the bike handling and other things.

I called up the courier services (including Gati services) and almost all were asking for a No Objection Certificate from the local Police station so that they can ship the bike to Bangalore. Getting the certificate was out of the question but still I went to the Karol Bagh police station. They obviously didn't agree for it and I came back. Time was running out for me as it was 11 o clock already.

I called up Gaurab (xBhp member: MG_biker) since he is from Delhi only could give me suggestion as to how do I go about it. But Gaurab wasn't in Delhi at that time. He gave me two contact numbers of Delhi xbhp members: Shivansu and Dipankar.

By this time one of the Gati Services guy, Anoop, had called me up and told me that Gati will ship my bike without the certificate, the only thing required is a hand written document stating that I am the owner of the and the bike is not stolen. He asked me to come to a specific point in Delhi so that they can pack the bike and book it for shipping. I had no idea where the place was and wrote the direction that he gave me.

I called up Shivansu and told him that I am also an xbhp member and just completed the Leh trip and I am in this dilemma. He understood my problem and told me that he had some work and finishing the work he will come and meet me and take me to the place where the Gati guy told me to.

By afternoon 2:30pm (i guess) Shivansu came to the hotel where I was staying. 
This was the first time we were meeting but didn't seem like it because we share the same passion called Biking :)
In short span of time we talked about Bikes, tours, and everything related to bikes :)
He greeted me for successfully completing the trip and we were off to the place as told by Anoop (Gati guy)
After some calls to Anoop we were able to locate the Gati office. I still don't remember the place or the route to the place :D :D

The gati guys asked me to take out the petrol from the bike and do the other formalities for booking the bike. Meanwhile I was talking to Shivansu and also showed him the pictures that I had clicked on the trip. He liked it a lot.

While the Gati guys were packing the bike Shivansu gave so many valuable suggestions how to cover the bike parts so that it doesn't get damaged in transport as if it was his own bike. It was such a nice gesture from him. I am obliged to you pal. :) 

Also I was impressed with packing used by Gati people for the packing. I would recommend other guys to contact Gati and specially Anoop for shipping their bikes from Delhi. He is a nice guy to talk to and will do his job properly. His contact details are:
Name: Anoop (Gati Services)
Phone: +91 95400 58547
However read below how and in what condition I got my bike when it reached Bangalore and then make up your mind for giving the bike for shipping through courier services...

That's Shivansu in the center giving suggestions to Gati guys for packing the bike. At that's his Yamaha R15 parked beside my bike.
Finally we were done with packing and they took the bike inside but not before a picture :D
From left: Anoop (the Gati Guy), Shivansu, and yours truly
All this while my other Bangalore riders (Santosh Nfs and team), who took the same route as mine and had met me in Leh while getting the permits, had also reached Bangalore and were in the same dilemma as mine for shipping the bike. I suggested them to contact Anoop only and they did. They were able to ship the bike through Anoop on Sunday although it was a holiday for the Gati office but still Anoop made arrangements so that their three bikes could be sent.

The total bill for somewhere around 3000/- and they told me that the bike will reach Bangalore in 5 days time. Shivansu had some other work too in the evening hence he told that he'll drop me some place close to my hotel and push off.

We said bye to Anoop and started towards my hotel. Suddenly Shivansu  (or it was me? Don't remember) got a call from Anoop that we have left some bike related document in the office only. But it turned out to be just the pollution control certificate which already expired. We asked him to not to bother about it.

Shivansu dropped me at the place and wished me luck for my rest of the journey and also for my bike to reach Bangalore safely and asked me to inform him for safe arrival. 

We said goodbye and I was relieved that bike parcel thing is done and the only thing left for me is to board the flight for Bangalore next day. 
Once again thanks to Shivansu for helping me out. I owe this one to you pal ;) 
I called up my friend Nitin and told him that my things are done now. He said he will come and pick me up in the evening for an outing in Delhi :)

An evening well spent with Nitin and his friend Sumit (that's not me :D another friend Sumit, Sumit Sood). Three of us went to Connaught Place, had nice food and came back.
So just one day to go and then I'll be reaching home. I slept and next day just spent the day in the hotel only. I booked a cab for going to the airport through Just Dial services. They charged some 400/- odd for the cab from Karol Bagh. 

Boarded the plane at 08:30PM and reached Bangalore at around 11:00PM and reached my home by 12:00. My brother was in US on the official trip, no one was there to welcome me :D
I was happy that I successfully completed an eventful yet satisfying trip which I had always dreamed of.
In the end I covered probably a little more than 3000 Kms in 14 days. I was just wishing that my bike reaches Bangalore safe and sound without damages although that is highly unlikely with the way these transport guys handle the parcels let alone the bikes...

Went back to work on Monday having greeted by my manager and colleagues, showed them the pictures I took.

So after 5 days (on 22nd July 2010) I got a call from the Gati guys that the bike has reached Bangalore and the guys are waiting outside my house for me to receive the bike. But I was in the office at that time and couldn't have come early but they insisted that they have clear off the delivery of the bike at that day only. I had to rush out from the office leaving early and I received the bike with a flat rear tyre and couple of damages to the bike. The most concerning damage was a missing left foot peg from the bike, the foot peg were aftermarket pegs and without it the whole set needed to replaced :( and the other damage was a dent in the exhaust which too was irreparable. Luckily I found the missing footpeg attached in the bike itself in one of the swing-arm nuts. But still it was unusable because whoever removed the footpeg, dropped all the smaller parts which hold the footpeg in its place.
I scolded them for it but they said they can't help me out in this as they are just the delivery boys for Bangalore. Also they said why didn't I send the bike through train services which is much more reliable. 
They gave me a contact number for the guy in charge of transport but he shrugged me off saying I need to send an email to another person by the name Ajay Tyagi ( I took the pictures of the damages and sent all the details but it's been 10 months now and I am yet to receive any communication from the guy. And I guess I shouldn't be expecting anything from them too. Such callous behavior and work from the transport companies. Here are the pics of the damages:

I somehow got my footpeg fixed but the dent in the exhaust is still there and might not be able to fix it.

Anyways can't help all these things and this will not sadden me much and take the joy away I had in the trip.

So this is how my fabulous and one of the most memorable trips of my life ended with lots of incidents some bad but most of them were happy moments that I experienced in the trip.

I hope I was able to narrate my story clearly and was enjoyable to the readers. 
Wouldn't suggest anybody to go alone in the trip. I was very lucky to be not stuck anywhere nor did I have any unfortunate incidents with me. 
Next time it won't be a solo trip as next time I will be with my brother who is very interested in making his debut ride in the Himalayas and probably I'll accompanied with my pillion, my beloved wife. 

Till the next time Ciao :) 

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