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Day 5 Pang to Leh

22 July 2008: After last days eventful ride I woke up next morning. I felt better but still heaviness was there in my head. Quickly we had breakfast and started preparing for Leh which was 171kms away. Paid the tent ladies for the night stay, lubricated bike's chains.  We would be crossing the "Moore Plains" and Tanglangla (Alt: 17582 feet) for that day.  We climbed uphill road and there we could see the Moore Plains. Moore plains are the endless plains at the altitude of 15k feet without any trees or shade. One can see the several kms of road ahead just like that and far away the big mountains were visible. Some of the pics: Prabhu taking a break in the plains Moore Plains The road was mostly good but there were some patches under construction where we had to take a detour and again join the main road. The detours were horrible, there was dust everywhere that too the piles of dust were very deep. At some places it was of height till our thighs. We had take the path

Day 4 Keylong to Pang

21 July 2008: So the fourth day morning we woke up by 6 and started packing things and still no signs of AMS? I asked other guys if they are getting any symptoms of AMS after all we were climbing altitude very fast. Keylong is at the altitude of approx 12000 feet. No one complained till now. We were hydrating ourselves frequently as suggested by sources to cope up with it. We checked-out of the hotel and lubricated bike's chains and cleaned it (it was too dirty due to last day's ride). Finally we started towards Pang. We had some breakfast at a roadside hotel "The Llama Hotel". We headed towards the Baralachala (the fourth highest motor-able road in the world, Alt:16002feet). En route we were greeted by some breathtaking views and also some of the baddest roads :(. BRO (Border Road Organization/Himank project), guys were laying out new roads and had dug up all the existing roads. One of the