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A post travel experience I'll never forget...

World is really small, well it has become small, thanks to technology. I would like to share a very emotional incident that happened this weekend. A small background first: This is regarding my  Himalayan trip last year  where I had visited Kargil and a village near by named Akchamal. I had taken several photos of the place and had shared those on Two months back: On my flickr album I had got a comment on following photo of the village akchamal: Actual photo: I had got comment from a flickr member. Following is the conversation I had with him on flickr: Comments and faves * *** ( 2 months ago ) IT is my village akchamal.. *****! ( 2 months ago  |  edit  |  delete )   Glad to know that you are from the same village. I have some pictures of the kids from the Akchamal Village