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Trek to Savandurga

A short trip to Savandurga with my office folks. The initial plan was to go out for a day with the team and after some discussions we came up with Savandurga which wasn't very far away from Bangalore and we can come back by lunch time. Savandurga is around 60Kms from Bangalore towards Magadi. Some facts about Savandurga: I opted to come on my bike as I have that motion sickness problem and can't sit in a bus/car for long duration. We started from our office at around 5 o clock and took the magadi road. There are couple of other routes also to reach this place but we took this as the bus driver knew only this one. Took a left after Magadi (not sure after how many kms), I wasn't sure of the route to reach there and was following the bus. I was able to see the monolith and thought of stopping and capturing a photo or two. After taking a couple of shots I continued and I missed a left turn which the bus had taken for reaching at the foot