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My Pictures grabbed from the web and posted somewhere else...

After a long time writing something on my blog and that too happens to be a sad incident.

There is a person who calls himself "Wing Commander Partha De Sarkar" who seems to own a touring agency by the name "Ladakh India Tourism, Global Hop Travels India and Global Hop Travels."

Since yesterday I had been getting posts about Mr Partha stealing photos from my friends blogs, website, social media profiles and posting it on his own Facebook page as his own:

I was following all the posts about him very carefully and also looking out if any of my photos has been stolen by him. And today morning I was shocked to find my photos as well on his "Cover Photos"album.
This is the photo I found:

This photo I myself had clicked on my trip to Himalayas in 2010. This was on the way to Leh from Kargil via…