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Day 12 Manali - Chandigarh

15th July 2010 Day 12 Manali - Chandigarh Next morning we woke up, packed up our things and were ready to start our way back.  But before we started took some pictures of the bike all covered from yesterday's mud adventure :D Jai and Nirman's bike's welding had broken and they wanted to get it fixed. I started before them and they would catch up with me after fixing it. After some confusion and miscommunication between us we got late and it was afternoon and we hadn't left Manali. We were just riding by the river (don't know the name) and we saw a lot of camps for river rafting. Once we thought of going for it but it would need 8 people and also we couldn't have left our bikes and luggage with the camp guys and go for rafting. So we decided to continue further... We saw river bank which was shallow and one could go into the water and may be have a bath :) Both Jai and Nirman wanted to take a dip and so we parked our bikes in shad