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Khardung La - Leh - Tso Moriri

11 July 2010 Day 8 Khardung La (not just a customary smooth ride) - Leh - Tso Moriri via Mahe Bridge, Chumathang Note: you might get sore eyes looking at the hdr pictures taken/processed by a noob photographer :D So day 8, a new day new route and a lot to look forward to. Morning I woke up early and the plan was to complete the customary K-top ride and come back to the hotel, pack my things finally to leave Leh for the rest of the trip. Although I did think of a default plan of coming back to Leh if at all I am not able to find my way to Pang from Tso Moriri through Tso Kar.Or at worst if at all my fuel is not sufficient for the next segment. Khardung La is 42kms from Leh and almost all of it is an uphill and the last time I was here it was, the roads were mostly good except for the last 3-4 kms.I expected to come back by 10 and start for Tso Moriri, never had an idea what was installed for me on the ride. By 6.15 I was climbing towards the K-top. It was chillingly pleasa