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Day 14, 15, 16 and final day in Delhi

Day 14, 15, 16 and final day in Delhi
I have clubbed the remaining days in one post itself as the main thing for us at that time was to reach Chandigarh on time so that we have time to pack and parcel the bike before heading off to Delhi.
So no major action. The only thing was it was kind of a non-stop run with no time for photos are anything. So here it goes:

Next morning we woke up early, got freshened up and started climbing Tanglang la. This side of the pass was not good but still our bikes (mine and prabhu's comets) were better prepared with no air restriction in the filters and could easily climb up. After climbing marsmikla anything would seem easy.

We then moved forward towards and Moore Plains and then descended for Pang. We had some food at the homestay where last time we had a tough time due to AMS.

Moore Plains
Photographer: Sunil Sir

Before Pang

We didn't stay there much and moved further towards Lachung la, Nakeela, 22curves(not sure what the name was) and then to Sarchu.

All the bikes parked at Nakeela
Photographer: Sunil Sir

Photographer: Sunil Sir
Photographer: Sunil Sir

As decided we had to reach Keylong that day and we were just riding through the places to reach on time. This time we didn't have any problem coping up the higher altitudes as our bodies had already got acustomed/acclimatized with the altitudes. On the way we met Iranian riders going towards Manali whose bullet gave away and was not starting at all. We stopped and helped them with the extra engine oil that we carried with us. Their bike somehow started and we suggested them to go back to Leh and get the bike fixed instead of going towards Manali which was still around 250 kms further before which they could get a decent place for the bike repair.
We then moved on and reached Sarchu. Had some tea and started for Baralacha la which was the last of the 4 big passes that we had to cross for the day. It was like nature's fury was upon us all the time in our trip, as we were nearing Baralacha la we had to cross a bridge and we saw a lot of traffic stuck before the bridge on both sides. The reason was the horizontal plates on the bridge which are normally placed on the foundation of the bridge had come out leaving a gap of at least 2-3 feet with just the paralle metallic vertical bars visible. The buses and trucks couldn't pass through that as it would get stuck in the gap but the bikes could. Sunil sir and Chetan went ahead to check the same. The parallel metallic beams underneath the horizontal plates were at least 6-9 inches wide.
Photographer: Sunil Sir

First Chetan and then Sunil sir tried crossing on the beams itself which they were able to do successfully. Then I went ahead, Sunil sir asked me to wait and he placed another wider plank on the beams so that the bikes could cross more easily. I and Prabhu also crossed also through the wooden plank.
On the left our scorpio can be seen waiting for the bridge to fixed

The main problem for us now was how to get the scorpio get through the bridge because without the scorpio reaching on time with us will delay all of us. The people present there could fix bridge temporarily so that the vehicles can pass through slowly.
Somehow the scorpio also crossed and we continued ahead. So this time we didn't get delayed much due to such kind circumstances. While crossing the Sarchu section before climbing Baralachla we had to oercome too much of traffic including goods trucks and buses. Never did I imagined there can be this much traffic in this part of the world. We negotiated through the traffic and started climbing the pass. Yet again we were greeted by a convoy of army trucks moving in the same direction. Generally the convoy consists of 50 trucks which move at a constant speed and might not give you side for you to pass through which meant we had to some how overtake the trucks and it would be very tough considering the uphill climb not to mention the oncoming traffic too. I and Prabhu tried the same and were successful too sometimes. We all stopped at a restaurant en-route for lunch and let the convoy pass through so that we can ride through the ghats little safely rather than trying to overtake the every truck.
After lunch, we crossed Baralacha la and headed towards Jispa which was before Keylong

Photographer: Sunil Sir
After Baralacha la
Photographer: Sunil Sir
There was one more problem we were trying to figure out a solution for. It was the problem with the scorpio and the driver belonging to Leh. There is a dispute between the Leh drivers and the Himachal Drivers. The Leh drivers/vehicles aren't allowed to roam around and pick up passengers and vice versa. Our driver had to run around the Himachal people and try not to get noticed by them. He had to remove his scorpio's registration number plate too for the same reason but all in vain. The himachal guys kept following him. Meanwhile all this action we finally reached Keylong and booked rooms for the night. Our driver had to hide his vehicle behind another truck for the night. At dinner our driver told us that he'll get another jeep arranged which will take our friend Mohan and the luggage till Manali as he wouldn't be able to come with us on the scorpio due to the problems he was facing.
The other driver accepted and morning again we started for Manali after breakfast. We had to cross the most crowded/beautiful/scary pass i.e. Rohtang La.
Had breakfast at Koksar, took some pictures and then moved on to Manali.
An accident in Rohtang La
Photographer: Sunil Sir

The road ahead

Aint that flower beautiful
Tried capturing the plane

By afternoon we reached Manali and again we had to search for another four wheeler which will accompany us till Chandigarh. We hired one taxi guy and started for Mandi from where we planned to ship our bikes back to Bangalore.
We reached Mandi, had to search for the Gati Office but to our surprise that office didn't take care of packing the bikes in the office, they just ship the parcel from Mandi to other places. We were scared after the horrible experience of "Aakash Transports" when we brought in the bikes in Chandigarh.
We decided to stay in Mandi for the night and then next day reach Chandigarh pack and parcel the bikes and then move to Delhi.
We stayed at a hotel in Bilaspur. It poured heavily en-route bilaspur but thankfully our riding gears saved us. The only disadvantage in the Cramster pants is whenever it rains it will keep your body dry almost fully except for "that" place. The water oozes inside and makes you really uncomfortable. Don't know
why Cramster didn't of this while designing the riding pants.
En-route Chandigarh

Next morning i.e. Saturday 2nd August we started for Chandigarh. After reaching Chandigarh we again had to hire another taxi as the other taxi guy won't go till Delhi. This taxi problem was just too much but can't help we needed it.
We searched for Gati office inside Chandigarh and we came to know that there isn't any inside the city. Sunil sir had spotted a Gati office/godown on the way to Delhi. We decided to go there check it out otherwise we had planned to ride down to Delhi and parcel the bikes.
We somehow located the Gati office and asked for packing but again they didn't have facitlity for packing the bikes and we had to go to Ambala station and get the bikes packed. We did that and had got the bikes packed from the railway station guys. The packing wasn't good enough but we didn't have anyother choice other than this. We packed all the stuff we could along with the bikes. The Gati guys came and took the bikes for shipping and then we got relieved and we hoped for bikes to reach Bangalore in decent condition because how much ever these packers take care, they do damages to the vehicles.
We then moved on to Delhi. It was already evening but we still had one day i.e. Sunday August 3 for us. That non-stop run from Rumtse to Manali had played its part in reaching Delhi on time.

The whole night we drove and reached Delhi and booked two rooms for us and gave the left over petrol in cans to the driver.
Next day was a leisure day we just needed to relax and wait for evening for the flight. Sunil sir wanted to roam around Delhi and everybody tagged along next day for visiting some places. We visited Connaught Place, Palika Bazaar, India Gate, etc. I picked up some goodies from Palika Bazaar and so did others.
We also met one of xBhp moderators "Gourab" aka "MGBiker...", showed him our pictures. It was nice meeting you Gourab.

Finally in the evening we headed towards the airport. We reached the airport and checked-in our luggage, I kept my Tintin and Asterix books which I bought from Palika Bazaar. All the guys were making fun of me because I bought books that small children normally read. But anyways while waiting for the filght I didn't get a chance to read the books! why??? Because those small children who were making fun of me were reading those books more than me! Ha Ha Ha......Now who's more childish :). Just kidding guys :)
We boarded our flight and reached Bangalore airport at around 11 0 clock. Our dream trip was nearing end but it would only end when we get our bikes back from the transport. We took respective cabs to our houses. Chetan and I booked one since our homes were close by. Called mom and dad and informed them that I have safely reached Bangalore and heading towards my house.
I reached home at around 12.30 in the night and was greeted on the door by my beloved brother. I didn't have much of pictures to show to him. I just handed over some things that I bought from Leh for him.
I went to sleep quickly as I had to go to office the next morning. I wasn't totally out of the trip's bliss (not that I can come out of that ever) and I had to start going to the office.
The only concern I had was about my bike being properly trasported back to Bangalore.
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