Day 1 Bike prep and starting from Delhi

Day 1 (July 8, 2012)

We got the bike packed at the railway station itself using the material we had bought before and loaded it onto the train to Delhi. We also traveled in the same train. We were worried about the bike's all along hoping bike won't fall inside the luggage compartment and get damaged. Luckily nothing of that sort happened. At Delhi we unloaded the bike and met Nitin at the station. It was so hot (compared to the climate in Bangalore) that pushing the bike outside the station took away my breath and I had sit down for a while to gather my senses back 

😃 😛
And the same was happening with Moreen as well. Bangalore's climate is so pleasant that it takes time to adapt 🙂
I was thinking that here in Delhi only I am like this what will happen when we start exerting in the trip 😃
Went to Nitin's home, had lunch with his family, spent short but quality time with them and by 3-4pm we were ready to leave for Chandigarh or Ambala which was our planned destination for Day 1

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