Let's do it again........

So this is "that" time of the year............
Why not do it again?

Two years back in 2008 there was an pleasant nervousness/restlessness growing inside with the anticipation of it, the same feelings are back again. Why?
Coming days it is going to be a trip to heaven on earth once more. Got permissions from hi-command (mum dad) for this trip. Will be booking tickets for traveling to Delhi. Slowly preparing the bikes and other stuff.
Looking forward to it again with a slightly different route which we couldn't take the last time. And this time with will be riding with a new rider; he is my very own little brother :) 
Why the above text is struck out? That is because my little bro will not be joining me in this trip as suddenly he had to travel to US for his organization for a month or so. So now I am left alone thinking whether to cancel the trip or just go solo. After all those preps and planning from a long time, it was really disheartening to cancel the trip. Hence I am going to do this trip solo. It'll be a different experience for me as haven't done a solo trip, though always wanted to do one and looking forward to it.
So let the wheels rolling...............

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